Chillers and HVAC Systems

30 Oct

A chiller is used to cool temperatures, and is classified as an HVAC equipment.   There are many kinds of chillers, the most common being the air chillers.   It commonly refers to the device that will cool down a liquid, such as water.   The device has several components, including a compressor, condenser, and the evaporator, as well as a thermal expansion valve.   It is a common air conditioning application, as well as in industrial settings.

Chillers have a system in which they work.   It starts off at the device compressor point.   The compressor pumps a refrigerant inside, which started off the cooling process as a hot compressed gas.   The refrigerant is forced into the condenser, where a fan cools of the gas into a liquid.   The chiller gets cooled down considerably while in there.   After all the gas has been converted into a cool liquid, it flows into the thermal expansion valve.   At this stage, there has to be a strict control on how much refrigerant can be allowed into the evaporator.   When the refrigerant goes through the evaporator, it takes most of the heat, which causes it to boil off and thereby converting into a vapor.   Water is usually passed into the evaporator at this point, where the refrigerant boils.   What follows is the refrigerant being made into a hot compressed gas, and is then flowed into the condenser.   The process repeats.

One of the places chillers at are used in air conditioning systems.   They can cool off the air as water would have.   The way a chiller works I always on repeat.   The size of an adequate chiller ranges from 15 all the way to 1500 tons.   It can cool water to very low temperatures.

Chillers can be used in industrial settings in a number of ways.   Chillers are used to cool heat waste produced in a manufacturing process, which is then applied in the cooling off of the air.   High intensity lasers also produce enough heat waste that only a chiller can handle.   Chillers are needed when complex cutting processes in industries result in some hot pieces of materials that need to be cooled down, or when an MRI machine needs to have its working temperatures monitored and controlled.

It is evident the many uses of chillers at in several industries.   While out shopping for one, there are key areas that you must adequately cover.   There is need to inspect the kind of material that was used in making it.   You need to go further and examine each component in it.   It is important to think of hoe energy efficient it is.   Inspect also the ease of its operation.   Repairing it, if need be, should not cause more stress or damage.   Check also the kind of warranty the manufacturer offers.

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